seoul: house of the purple opening

© ...,staat / photography: kasia gatkowska - give us a concrete home like this anytime

having lived in and traveled around asia, we know for a fact that the service level there generally is superior to that in other parts of the planet. there seems to be a better understanding of what customers need, and corporations operating in top-tier markets go the extra yard to accommodate their savvy clientele. south korea's leading credit card company hyundai card wanted to create added value of sorts for the purple card holders - its premium product - and established house of the purple in seoul's affluent gangnam-gu area. conceptualized and designed by amsterdam-based practice ...,staat and developed in a hybrid collab with the total impact agency and hyundai card's project team in seoul, it's an exclusive members-only club where the vibe is kept intentionally homely.

this objective has not only been achieved through the tight curation of the venue's vintage furniture pieces and a slew of objets d'art, but also by elaborately fussing over important details such as the muzak listing and restaurant menu. measuring a spacious 300 sqm., house of the purple is housed in a modern concrete structure that forms the perfect blank canvas for an interior this lavish. and that starts right at the entrance with plush velour curtains and a glossy black wooden floor. the expansive living room is where members and their guests sit back and relax on and amidst a wealth of stylish vintage trophies, while sipping a cocktail of choice from the well-stocked bar. and should the jolly banter fire up an appetite, the adjoining kitchen with a cozy seating configuration, is the perfect place to continue the social interaction while savouring sumptuous dishes. mind you, this can also be done alfresco on a secluded private terrace with a lush vertical garden. applied for the purple card yet? we certainly have. location: 648-6 shinsa-dong [gangnam-gu].

© ...,staat / photography: kasia gatkowksa - living room, bar + kitchen and private terrace [top to bottom]