seoul: ha chong-hyun

© kukje gallery / ha chong-hyun - conjunction 15-04 [2015] - oil on hemp cloth

korean artist ha chong-hyun [1935] is one of the leading members of dansaekhwa, a seminal art movement in post-war south korea which practiced abstract painting with a limited colour palette and, in many cases, a strong link with ideas rooted in both traditional taoism and buddhism. the artist lands a major solo exhibition at kukje gallery in seoul, opening there on thu - sep 17. since the 1970s, the artist has continued to explore his technique of utilizing both sides of the canvas. this unconventional method of pushing paint through the picture plane illustrates his defiant attitude towards pre-existing modes of painting, a critical stance that has made him a celebrated voice of dansaekhwa and a leading avant-garde figure in his homeland.

the artist has become well-known for his strong belief that the most modest expression or application of colour can activate an entire painting. a much-anticipated and unique showcase, it presents a comprehensive overview, including works from ha’s more than fifty years of painting. additionally, it features new works made specifically for this show. shown across two of the prestigious venue's pavilions, the body of work perfectly frames his unique vocabulary and distinctive use of materials that tie him so closely with the dansaekhwa movement. location: kukje gallery, 54 samcheong-ro, pavilion k1 + k2 [jongno-gu].

© kukje gallery / ha chong-hyun - conjunction 95-026 [1995] - oil on hemp cloth