seoul: donald judd

© judd foundation / untitled - galvanized steel [1988]

a visionary modernist with a vocabulary all his own, donald judd [1928-1994] changed the course of contemporary sculpture. through his work, judd stressed the importance of clearly articulated 'specific objects' where every aspect of object making was rigorously explored, from materials and engineering to form, repetition, and last but not least, colour. although widely identified with minimalism, he strongly objected to be categorized as such and considered it a misinterpretation of his philosophy. instead, judd coined the term 'specific objects' in a now seminal essay published in 1965 that emphasized the rapidly expanding field of visual arts, and the importance of making simple objects that made a clear and powerful statement. opening thu - oct 30 at kukje gallery, one of seoul's most prominent modern art venues, is an exhibition exclusively dedicated to the american artists. on display are 13 works from the 1970s through to the 1990s, and includes untitled highlights such as a painted red rectangular box topped with a bisected aluminum tube, a multi-coloured stack executed in cor-ten steel and plexiglas, and three swiss boxes' in red and black, blue and turquoise, and all black. location: kukje gallery54 samcheong-ro, pavilion k2 + k3 [sogyeok-dong].


© judd foundation - untitled - cor-ten steel and green, yellow, purple, ivory, orange, and black acrylic sheets [1992] and untitled - clear and purple anodized aluminum [1970]