seoul: blue hours

© kukje gallery / gimhongsok - untitled

opening today at kukje gallery in seoul is an exhibition by korean contemporary artist gimhongsok [1964]. entitled blue hours, it's the artist's second show at the venue and presents a body of new work from his acclaimed series of mop painting series, as well as new drawings that explore time and labour through the accumulation of marks on paper by using the fine tip of either a ball-point pen or a delicate brush. all the are part of gimhongsok’s ongoing project people objective which he started in 2011, but this show also sees the introduction of their new group, being hourly art. interestingly, the artist deploys day laborers and part-time students to produce his artwork, thereby challenging the value of art and the socio-economic environment that supports its proliferation. the exhibition's title in fact alludes to manual work, and speaks directly to his personal interest in the social hierarchy of labour and the market forces that assign value.

by turning the formula that equates an artist’s industry with marketable goods, gimhongsok’s proxy labourers follow his instructions to create art based solely on their labor-for-hire, explicitly critiquing the commodification of aesthetics, as well as the model in which an artist can employ surrogates to create his or her own art. this critique is poignantly illustrated in works such as mop-131014, one of the primary artworks on display. one important factor in gimhongsok’s conceptual framing of blue hours is the creation of a 'relationship' between the artist and the hired labourer. this showcase at kukje gallery aims to lay bare how contemporary society defines and values artwork and how this shifting definition reflects greater shifts in social values [on through may 11]. location: 54 samcheong-ro, pavilion k2 [sogyeok-dong].

© kukje gallery / gimhongsok - untitled (112 hours) and mop-131208