san jose [ca]: face value

© kamea hadar - the artist at work

kamea hadar is a honolulu-based artist. trained at art schools in hawaii, europe and israel, hadar's work has evolved from very traditionally schooled oil on canvas photo-realism to more surreal portraits that experiment with negative space, stripped down to their purest forms. the artist's newest show opens fri - aug 16 [7pm-10pm] at the cukui store + gallery in san jose, california. entitled face value, it presents a new body of work that explores the human form and its relation to themes of sex, culture, and the human condition. the canvases feature contrast of highly finished detail and rough paint strokes makes for an interesting balance of seemingly static imagery and the dynamic nature of an artist’s hand. this not only moves the viewer's eyes around the pieces, but also pushes and pulls perspectives in and out. the use of negative space also adds to the dancing of perspective as well as allowing the audience to input pieces of their own interpretation. location: 229 jackson street [north side].

© kamea hadar - can you hear the paint dripping? we can...