san francisco: uniqlo flagship store opening

© uniqlo - a new flagship for the west coast

it's been one of san francisco's most eagerly anticipated store openings of recent years. yes, we mean uniqlo. this is the japanese retailer's biggest move after setting up shop, four to be exact, in the new york city area. the flagship store opened last week, and is located in a modern three-storey building, measuring a spacious 29,000 sq.ft. [2,694 sqm.]. a prestigious retail statement, it uniqlo brings together the latest technology and design to deliver a unique shopping experience. the interior features high beamed ceilings and a striking, large basement-to-roof skylight that allows daylight to illumiate the centrally located glass case that houses rotating mannequins. an led-illuminated rainbow staircase reflects uniqlo's colourful diversity and serves as a focal point. no less than 77 led-screens are lined along the walls, featuring a mix of product promos and marketing campaigns. the opening of this flagship coincided with the global unveiling of uniqlo's magic mirror, the brand's newest tech innovation that allows shoppers to use a nifty touch panel and quickly switch between colours of various apparel items. uniqlo's ceo tadashi yanai flew in from tokyo to join mayor ed lee for the store's much-publicized opening ceremony. location: 111 powell street [union square].

© uniqlo - three floors of colourful merchandise