san francisco: uniqlo pop-up store

© uniqlo - hello san francisco!

it's five years ago that uniqlo first entered the u.s. and set up shop in new york city. and after having opened fives stores in the region, the japanese brand shifts its focus to the u.s. west coast, opening a flagship in san francisco this fall. leading up to the opening of the store on union square, uniqlo flaunts its wares by way of a pop-up store that features a selection of key products and events. the temporary store is tech-infused operation that should emulate  the brand's innovative philosophy. it boasts visually stimulating experiences with elements such as a spinning chandelier made with multi‐screen tv monitors and a modern, communal gathering space for inspiration and engagement featuring interactive activities including industry discussion events and social mixers. what's on the shelves? some of uniqlo’s popular staples, such as the heattech and ultra light down lines, cashmere sweaters, fleece, ut t‐shirts and denim. pop-up location: 117 post street [union square].

© uniqlo - a tech-infused pop-up