san francisco: the new italian design

© fedele zaminga / antonio aricò - swing chair

the triennale design museum in milan is the first museum dedicated to italian design. a few years ago the institute has launched the new italian design, a traveling exhibition that explores and promotes the new italian creativity. the showcase has made various stop-overs across the planet and now opens at the cannery galleries in san francisco on sun - jun 22. this new and upgraded show is curated and designed by andrea branzi, and presents an interesting overview on contemporary italian design that explains and describes the transition of the movement and its links with economic, political and technology changes that have occurred over the past decades.

it's a pretty diverse showcase which presents works from 132 designers with 288 projects, ranging from product design, graphics and jewelry, to handbags, accessories, general research, interior design and even food design. on display are self-produced prototypes to large-series products, works of art and merely industrial artefacts as well. the participating designers - mind you, all are already well established on an international level and are employed by leading design companies - include antonio aricò, concetta lorenzo, francesco valtolina, leonardo di renzo and davide vercelli. location: 2801 leavenworth street [fisherman's wharf].

© federico villa / antonio aricò - bonjour bajour lamp