san francisco: product fitness 80

japanese brand muji is coming to san francisco next november, and introduce the bay area to its excellent range of no-fuss products. as a matther of fact, it'll do so a little earlier by way of the product fitness 80 exhibition, opening at the somarts cultural center on fri - aug 24. the showcase is inspired by last year's tohoku disaster in northeastern japan which had an enormous impact on the country, and forced people to reconsider lifestyles dependent on the excess consumption of resources. the show reflects on what would happen if we were to make all products using 80% of all materials and energy that we've been using to date, and displays a series of product examples that comply with this product philosophy. one day after the opening [2pm] kate stohr, co-founder of architecture for humanity, gives a lecture on her organization's approach to disaster reconstruction and sustainable community development, highlighting the work of both the haiti rebuilding center and the tohoku reconstruction program. location: 934 brannan street [soma].

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