são paulo: zanine - 10 years

© casa electrolux - exhibition set-up

except for a few classic icons and one or two contemporaries, very few people outside of brazil are aware of its creative potential and the current flourishing design scene. but as the country's global economic prominence increases, so is the notion abroad of its vast pool of talented creatives. one of its current stars who is now gaining recognition abroad is the acclaimed rio de janeiro-based designer zanini de zanine. after graduating in product design from rio's pontifícia universidade católica in 2002, zanine established his own studio and has since worked for a number of leading brazilian clients, and as of last year also for cappellini. after an initial showcase in the designer's hometown, the zanine - 10 anos exhibition - the designer's first ever retrospective - has arrived at casa electrolux in são paulo. on display are 11 exemplary designs from the past ten years of zanine's career, including pieces of the inflated wood series he created for the italian furniture manufacturer and that were first presented at the previous edition of design miami/ [on through feb 28]. location: rua colômbia 157 [jardim américa].

© casa electrolux - exemplary designs from the past ten years