são paulo: transit_sp

© pavilhão da oca / edson chagas - photo from the oikonomos series [2011]

brazil's cultural ties with africa are evident, especially with fellow former colonies angola and mozambique. as the dark continent now starts to mimick its economic rise, the south american giant reassesses its roots and renews cultural relations as part of a smart strategy. currently on at pavilhão da oca - a beautiful dome-shaped structure that was designed in 1951 by starchitect oscar niemeyer - is an exhibition curated by daniel rangel that presents the work of some pretty big names in contemporary art, all with african roots. entitled transit_sp, the show it isn't themed but the works on display very much reflect the continent's  transition from colony to independence.

and as such the formation of new identities, influenced by past, present and future is a common characteristic in contemporary african art. on display is a wide range of works, from photography, paintings and sculptures, to installations and videos by artists from eight countries across africa, including edson chagas [angola], seydou keita [mali], samuel fosso [cameroon], yinka shonibare [nigeria] and william kentridge [south africa]. on display is a variety of works, including photography, paintings, sculptures, installations and videos [on through sep 15]. location: pavilhão da oca, avenida pedro álvares cabral, gate 3 [jardim paulista]. 

© pavilhão da oca / seydou keita - untitled [1958]