são paulo: the carnival series

© white cube / larry bell - f 3.16.10 [2010] - collage of glued paper

são paulo's white cube is an official outpost of the famed gallery in london, and since its inception in 2012 it has brought a string on interesting artists to town. the latest one to arrive is larry bell [1939], an american artist who started out as a painter, but soon began making collages using materials such as glass and mirror which he obtained from his daytime job at a frame shop. this eventually led to the creation of so-called cube sculptures, and while making them bell discovered an industrial metallic coating process that could evenly powder a glass surface, a finish that could visually subvert a sculpture’s spatial volume and translucency.

making it a signature trait, the artist further tweaked the technique and it's still part of his artwork today. bell's exhibition at white cube is entitled the carnival series, and it presents a selection of exemplary works from the 1980s onwards. included in the showcase are his mirage works, intricate collages crafted from found papers, films and applied acrylic paint, which play on the his ongoing interest in spatial ambiguity and perception. also presented in the show is a recent series of colorful collages that reference the female form [on through mar 22]. location: rua agostinho rodrigues filho 550 [vila clementino]. 

© white cube / larry bell - llk 8.5.13 [2013] - suspended sculpture of coated acetate