são paulo: sp-arte/foto

© maureen bisilliat - black skin [1963]

sp-arte/foto is south america's leading photography fair, and its sixth edition is currently on at jk iguatemi, a prestigious new mall complex in são paulo . the fair features over 750 works from twenty established brazilian and international galleries, and by various artist from brazil and abroad. additionally, sp-arte/foto promotes book launches during of the fair on the relevance of the photographic medium at livraria da vila’s bookstore space, including publications on maureen bisilliat, loren mcintyre, edu simões, claudia jaguaribe and alan nielsen. this year, the lecture and meetings with photographers will be organized by photography magazine zum, at the very same location within the mall. initiated by brazilian luxury mall operator iguatemi, the annual event ambitiously aims to present the public with photography that goes beyond journalistic witnessing, beyond the iconographic register of classic photography, and beyond its value as a medium to show its importance as a contemporary cultural expression. the event allows people to become acquainted with contemporary photography and provides a platform of exchange between galleries, artists and visitors [on through nov 11]. location: avenida kubitschek 2041 [vila olímpia].

© claudio edinger - downtown los angeles [2012]