são paulo: plataforma gallery opening

© plataforma / photography: fran parente - a quirky new exhibition space in são paulo

launched by houssein jarouche, owner of the directional micasa design store in são paulo and as such am influential player in the local creative scene, plataforma is a new creative space in the bela vista area of town. the venue is located in a somewhat dilapidated, listed mansion built in 1911 which jarouche found through an organization that restores urban heritage sites in the city. interestingly, the house features an abundance of beautiful décor elements left by its previous occupants, and most of it has been retained and incorporated in the new setting.

next to plataforma's exhibition space, the multi-tasking jarouche also uses the mansion as a new home for a record label, a design studio and recently launched art + culture magazine manipresto, the latter being a collab with the creatives of estúdio 20.87. but let's talk about plataforma's inaugural show. titled billy name - the silver age at the factory, it presents work by photographer billy name. as an ex-flame and longtime friend of andy warhol, name was able to document much of the bohemian scenery within the factory - the legendary artist's studio in new york city - between 1964 and 1967 [on through aug 8]. location: rua major diogo 91 [bela vista].

© plataforma / photography: fran parente + billy name [top to bottom]