são paulo: jk iguatemi mall opening

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as brazil's economy shifts into higher gear its major cities undergo a rapid transformation, and this is probably most evident in the economic powerhouse that is são paulo. the population's growing wealth, and the prerequisite display of trophies that comes with it, has a dramatic effect on the urban infrastructure, including the retail segment. a recent survey indicated that brazilian consumers from the fast-growing middle class and the upper class are true mall denizens, visiting shopping centers up to three times a week as opposed to the average of two visits a month of shoppers in north america.

this is largely due to the fact that malls offer an environment where safety is provided, still an issue despite the country's growing affluence, and also because they're climate-controlled and pollution is minimal. a retail beacon of sorts of the new brazil is jk iguatemi mall, a new shopping paradise that already boasts the highest concentration of luxury brands under one roof in all of south america. the complex is operated by iguatemi, a company that's synonymous to shopping malls and shopping mall culture in brazil. the new mall is symbolically named after juscelino kubitschek, a former president and an emblem of democracy and modernity.

the complex is quite massive. designed by international architecture practice arquitectonica in sleek and asymmetrical style, with gleaming white walls and soaring atriums, it has a total area of 657,190 sq.ft. [61,056 sqm.], spread over four floors of retail space and three floors of parking space. the mall's development is seamlessly integrated with the surrounding premier commercial and residential areas and a newly landscaped park, parque do povo. awash with natural light by day and spectacular views of the city by night, the clear glass walls offer glorious views of the park and beautiful green spaces, both indoors and outdoors, designed by famous brazilian landscape architect isabel duprat.

needless to say that jk iguatemi mall accommodates some of the most prestigious and innovative brands from brazil and abroad, and among the latter there are many which have picked this ritzy spot to make their debut in this part of the world. the lenghty list includes dolce & gabbana, osklentopshop, chanel, daslu, vans and gucci, which opened one of its very few dedicated menswear stores here. and as powershopping can be quite an exhausting experience, jk iguatemi mall obviously features a slew of a-grade cafés and restaurants where to catch your breath and sip some bubbly. location: avenida kubitschek 2041 [vila olímpia].

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