são paulo: in the name of the artists

© iguatemi / dan colen - meet me around the corner [2007] - enamel on board the city of são paulo is to get a major arts boost with bienal de são paulo's upcoming 60th anniversary and a slew of other initiatives that'll be launched simultaneously. one of the showcases in the latter category is in the name of the artists - contemporary american art from the astrup fearnley museum of modern art, opening on fri - sep 30 at pavilhão da bienal, amidst the lush greens of ibirapuera park. presented by iguatemi são paulo and curated by astrup fearnley museum director gunnar kvaran, this exhibition features 219 stellar works by an interesting mix of established and a newer generation of american and u.s.-based artists, including jeff koons, shirin neshat, dan colen, tom sachs and gardar eide einarsson. the showcase is complemented with a selection of works by british artist damien hirst. the majority of these works has never been exhibited here before [on through dec 4]. location: parque do ibirapuera, rua pedro álvares cabral [vila nova conceição].
© iguatemi / tom sachs - lav a2 [1999] - mixed media