são paulo: gagosian gallery

© gagosian / jeff koons - dogpool ladder [2009] - polychromed aluminium, aluminium, plastic

sp-arte is south america's leading contemporary art fair, and as such it attracts an increasing number of galleries from both brazil and abroad to showcase their finest to an equally growing number of visitors. the fair's ninth edition is held apr 3-7 at pavilhão cicillo matarazzo, a magnificent 1950s structure designed by a team led by the late oscar niemeyer and hélio uchôa. one of the participating galleries is new york-based gagosian gallery, which will exhibit a series of major works by some of today's leading artists and modern masters, showcased amidst a setting designed by brazilian designer claudia moreira salles. this is gagosian's second presentation at sp-arte and includes artworks by jean-michel basquiat, takashi murakami, jeff koons, cecily brown and john chamberlain. location: pavilhão cicillo matarazzo, parque do ibirapuera, gate 3 [jardim paulista].

© gagosian / cecily brown - untitled [2012] - oil on linen