são paulo: fasano boa vista hotel opening

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the name fasano is an illustrious one in são paulo's hospitality circles and far beyond. what started with a restaurant, and a highly acclaimed one at that, in the early 1980s has evolved into a leading hospitality chain with a multitude of establishments across brazil. under the visionary guidance of restaurateur rogério fasano the supersleek fasano hotel opened its doors in 2003, and immediately established itself as the preferred address of discerning travelers and locals alike. ever expanding, the fasano empire has recently added a new property away from brazil's biggest metropolitan area, but then again not too far off. nestled in fazenda boa vista, an expansive agricultural estate in são paulo state at approx. 97 kilometers from the city, the fasano boa vista is a similarly stylish property with all the amenities you can expect from a five-star property. designed by architect isay weinfeld, the fasano boa vista is quite stunningly set amidst lush green surroundings, and features only 39 guestrooms, including 12 duplex suites with a fireplace. the decorum is distinctly contemporary, and the clean simple lines emanate a sophistication that'll impress even the most jaded of travelers.

at 60 sqm. the deluxe rooms are spacious enough to feel like a private apartment, albeit a very stylish one. fully wired, it features every imaginable amenity: from a kingsize bed and ipod dock, to wifi internet access and a luxe bathroom with bathtub. for those who like it palatial, the duplex suite at double the size is the right option. again, everything is installed to keep you happy during your stay, it's just a tad more fabulous. seriously top-notch is the double suite, featuring 180 sqm. [1,940 sq.ft.] of superior hospitality with no less than three balconies and even an external fireplace thrown into the equation. the fasano boa vista is a countryside resort that makes the most of its location, featuring plenty of activities. first and foremost there's an 18-hole, 6,800-yard golf course designed by pros randall thompson and arnold palmer. the property's infinity pool offers two lanes for leisure and sport, and has sweeping countryside views. and that's not all. two tennis courts are available, and come with rackets and balls. and if you like a different ballgame, pick and play one at the multi-use sports court. additionally, fasano boa vista also operates a full-fledged equestrian center on the premises that also provides lessons in horseback riding and polo matches.

anticipating all the stress that the good life may inflict, the resort is soon to open the spa fasano - renata de abreu, a luxurious retreat helmed by aroma + body therapist renata abreu, and offering a series of specifically-designed treatments. the wellness venue is to have eight massage rooms, each with a terrace, sun lounge and once again sweeping countryside views. also planned are four pools, a fitness center and a beauty salon. it shouldn't come as a surprise that the fasano boa vista honours its tradition of fine dining. hotelier rogério fasano has collaborated on a special gourmet lunch and dinner menu with top chef laurent suaudeau, and one that includes lots of fruits, vegetables and herbs that grow at the estate. a second restaurant, designed by isay weinfeld, is to be opened at the golf course later this year. location: rodovia castello branco km102,5 [porto feliz].

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