são paulo: design house

© design house / camilla d'anunziata - the pharos chair

design house is a newly established platform that showcases contemporary design from brazil. it aims to create a greater design awareness among brazilian consumers, teach them a thing or two about design's many facets, and develop new lifestyle concepts along the way. a well-timed event conceptualized by são paulo-based creative agency dial d, it pretty much runs parallel to the country's booming economy and ample opportunity to shape the fast-developing local design scene. design house's inaugural edition is held aug 24-26 and includes a series of showcases by designers and design brands, such as 78 design, anderson horta, marcio pontes, move móvel and neute chvaicer. additionally, there are various presentations related to lifestyle, including a gourmet area of food design by chef checho gonzales, an installation by dmy berlin that features designer mark braun's much-publicized hama chair, and a design + art bookstore. check it out when in town! location: rua chabad 124 [jardim américa].

© design house / camilla d'anunziata - the savage chair