são paulo: casa nero restaurant opening

© casa nero - a new culinary gathering place of savvy paulistas  

located on jardim paulista's best known thoroughfare sits casa nero, são paulo's newest food haven for hipster carnivores. the latest concoction of chez, a local hospitality group responsible for setting up a string of cool spots in the neighbourhood, this argentinean-style grill restaurant has a slightly mystical allure similar to a locale out of a gabriel garcía márquez novel. rustic and inviting, the decorum references an old ranch on the pampas but the atmosphere is far from provincial. there's an abundance of dark timber, covering both walls and ceiling, alternated by swathes of tiling and marble. the charm of casa nero's interior is very much reflected by the unusual details. rustic props are mixed and matched with cattle skulls, big chains, kitchen utensils and carefully sourced artefacts. a series of boxy wooden chandeliers with glass bottoms hover over the dining area, suspended by thick knotted ropes.

an abundance of drip candles are placed on the glass, creating whimsical wax patterns on the glass and casting a magical shimmer on the tables below. the kitchen is helmed by leo botto, a young brazilian chef who has worked at a few renowned diners across south america and new york city, and who also supervises the menus of the other chez establishments. although casa nero is a haven for carnivores - the menu lists anything from sausages, to the recently introduced hamburger of kobe beef and chunky steaks - there are other tasty options as well. and although this is an argentinean-style grill restaurant, it's the complementing range of appetizers, side dishes and cocktails that give the dining experience at casa nero a distinct brazilian twist. location: alameda lorena 2101 [jardim paulista].

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