são paulo: alberto giacometti retrospective

swiss artist alberto giacometti is considered one of the leading figures of 20th century art, and is probably best known for his thin and elongated sculptures. despite his global fame giacometti's work was never exhibited in south america. until now that is. opening sat - mar 24 at são paulo's pinacoteca is an elaborate retrospective that pretty much reveals all about the artist. on display are no less than 280 works from the fondation giacometti in paris, including 80 sculptures of varying sizes, 40 paintings, 80 works on paper, 56 photos and documents. arranged chronologically and by theme, the show occupies the entire first floor of the museum, from the portraits of the artist made by his father and his godfather, to the monumental sculptures giacometti designed for new york city. this show will also travel to rio de janeiro and buenos aires. location: praça da luz 2 [bom retiro].

© fondation alberto et annette giacometti / alberto giacometti - walking man [1960] - 180.5 x 23.9 x 97 cm