rotterdam: windbreaker blues

checking out rotterdam for cool new stores we landed at nieuwe ontwerpers and came across a windbreaker jacket that initially had us in a fit of giggles. made of cloth and inflatable sex dolls, the design actually is more than a witty fashion statement. here’s what artist sander reijgers, the man behind the design, has to say: ‘i had read marguerite duras’ novel the malady of death. the story’s main character isn’t capable to feel anything and turns to a woman for paid sexual services, hoping this will stimulate his emotions'. ’inflatable dolls are so ugly. beautifying and thus rendering their purpose was kind of a challenge. we’re exposed daily to female nudity to stimulate consumption. by modifying the doll’s functionality into a jacket, i enable it ‘to feel’ through its new purpose. my design is meant as a comment but one with humour’. © sander reijgers / note: click image to enlarge