rio de janeiro: nike ipanema store opening

© nike - nike ipanema is the sportswear giant's first brand experience store in south america

brazil's current global appeal is unprecedented. the country's strong economic growth has given it a new prominence on many levels, and we're pretty sure that hosting both the 2014 fifa world cup and 2016 summer olympic games will further enhance that position. the appeal has already trickled down to retail with a slew of foreign brands making bold statements in brazil's major cities. one of the latest to do so is nike. in rio de janeiro the sportswear giant has recently opened nike ipanema, its first brand experience store in all of south america. this is a special league of nike stores - there are currently only 15 of such outlets in top-tier cities across the planet - that offer far more than a wide range of product in each category, such as differentiated services, presentation, product testing and various experiences to consumers. the nike ipanema store measures a very spacious 1,200 sqm. [12,917 sq.ft.] spread over three floors, and features furniture, design, materials and architecture that recreate the atmosphere of an old gym. sports is very much the focus here, and the largest space is dedicated to soccer. the new store carries a wide range of official and free time nike products, showcased on the ground and first floors. the top floor accommodates a brand space, a special venue for exclusive events and product launches. location: avenida visconde de pirajá 485 [ipanema].

© nike - inside nike ipanema, brazilian athletes from various sports attending the store opening [top to bottom]