paris: wikibar opening

© wikibar - a bar that serves next generation food

wikibar in paris is the first establishment a innovative new hospitality concept that's being rolled out in the near future. promoting eco-friendly foods and addressing the problem of waste caused by packaging, it features a minimalist interior by french designer mathieu lehanneur. the focal point is a mirror-light - both illuminating and reflective - of hexagons that hovers over the bar and which is a reference to the molecular structure of wikipearl, scientifically conceptualized food that is packaged in little balls, protected by an edible coating. it has been developed by harvard professor david edwards in collab with biologist don ingber and designer françois azambourg. the technique has been further tweaked, and wikibar now also serves ice cream - created in collab with expert philippe faure - that doesn't melt in your hand. location: 4 rue du bouloi [st.-honoré].

© wikibar - inside  wiki bar