paris: w paris opéra hotel opening

paris: w paris opéra hotel opening

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w hotels lands in paris, officially opening a happening new hotel - and its very first in la douce france - opposite the illustrious palais garnier on wed - feb 29. housed in a historic landmark building from the 1870s haussmann era, the w paris opéra features 91 guest rooms spread over five floors. these including 20 suites and two superluxurious wow suites which, next to looking fabulous, are equipped with the latest tech innovations such as wireless internet and that oh so necessary ipod docking station. as you know, w hotels is known for making striking hospitality statements, and this property is no exception.

the hotel design is based on the creative concept of the spark which aims to create an exciting visual dialogue between the following: the building's historic façade and interior elements, paris' reputation as the city of light and w hotels' own design innovation. this has resulted in a design that revolves around an oversized backlit digital undulating wall that defines the central core of the building and weaves through the public and private spaces. the so-called spark will appear as a dotted pattern that forms abstract clouds. this wall will be set at various tempos to create different moods to match the season, event, time of day, and location within the hotel, giving the historic building a contemporary edge while bringing it to life with a glowing vibrancy.

needless to say that w paris opéra offers a range of top-notch facilities that match its bubbly vibe. there's the stylish w lounge on the ground floor where guests can chill out and mingle, and when in need of a more buzzing spot the adjacent w lounge bar is a perfect alternative. gourmets can indulge in sumptuous food at restaurant arola, headed by sergi arola. the catalan top chef introduces his interactive pica pica dining concept which offer a variety of creative dishes, compromising seasonal products and french classics, served on a platter in the middle of the table for all to share, instead of a traditional three-course meal. no need to worry about putting on weight, the full-fledged sweat fitness center is available whenever you're up for it. yes, you found yourself a new fav pad in the french capital! location: 4 rue meyerbeer [opéra].

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