paris: very fake store

© sergeant paper / cyril le van - renault r12

opening today [6pm-10pm] at sergeant paper art store is a seemingly whimsical show by cyril le van. the french artist photographs a wide variety of objects from daily life and symbols that are part of a certain social or cultural identity. he then prints the image on sturdy plastic, only to reassemble the object into 3d copy of the same scale. le van intentionally blurs he boundaries between art and popular culture, using the concept of brand mainly to discuss globalization, consumerism and the consequences on society. the artist's work is mixed with humor and irony and can more or less be seen as an extension new realism and pop art. the very fake store exhibition is presented in collab with the propos d'artistes agency, and the set-up is presented as a is designed as a dummy space where the artist doesn't attempt to magnify reality, but questions the relationship between society and individuals. on display are a series of le van's pieces that haven't been showcased before [on through dec 1]. location: 38 rue quincampoix [marais].

© sergeant paper / cyril le van - various objects