paris: under the sky

© le bon marché

at a department store as illustrious as le bon marché, there's simply never a dull moment. it's not just the sheer wealth of luxury brands and items that keeps shoppers coming back for more, but also the alluring settings in which they're presented. under the supervision of frédéric bodenes, the longtime artistic + image director of groupe bon marché, the premises have hosted large-scale installations by leading contemporary artists since 2016. following ai weiwei and chiharu shiota, it's now the turn of leandro erlich [1973]. the argentine conceptual artist, based in both buenos aires and montevideo, has created site-specific installations under the moniker sous le ciel, or in english, under the sky, and similarly to the previous editions, it's a sight to behold.

erlich spent several years in paris, and he has become very fond of the city. he invites shoppers to rise above the ground, maybe even to the seventh heaven with his artistic ode. the artist composed an ode to the unique sky of île-de-france, to its very specific luminosity, its soft colours that change constantly over the course of each day and each season. erlich has written this infatuation in his own way, in several chapters, using le bon marché's store windows, and at its inner core, by transforming the central glass roof, and right below, also the store's famous escalator [on through feb 18]. location: le bon marché, 24 rue de sèvres [st.-germain].

© le bon marché + gabriel de la chapelle