paris: umbra

© viviane sassen - marte #2 [2014]

photographer vivane sassen is in a league all her own. best known for her work within the realm of fashion, including prestigious campaigns for the likes of acne studios, louis vuitton and carven, her visual approach is refreshingly off-beat and has a unique signature. these qualities can also be found in her autonomous work and other topics, such as her beloved africa – mind you, as a child sassen spent part of her childhood in kenya – framing subjects in unusual compositions, and often combined with a different appreciation of colour and light. opening today [7pm-10.30pm] at atelier néerlandais, a newly opened hybrid satellite venue of the dutch embassy in paris, is a solo exhibition entitled umbra. a major showcase, it presents a series of non-commissioned pieces in a kaleidoscopic presentation in which shadow often functions as a metaphor for the human psyche. fears and desires, fantasy and illusion are all documented in an evocative interplay of realism and abstraction. the photographer invited poet maria barnas to write poems to accompany each of the images [on through nov 1]. location: atelier néerlandais, 121 rue de lille, third floor [st.-germain].

© viviane sassen - yellow vlei [2014] and cardinal [2005]