paris: tour paris 13

© tour paris 13 - the highrise in the 13th arrondissement

today sees the launch of tour paris 13, the biggest street art exhibition ever held on the planet. initiated by mehdi ben cheikh, the owner of paris-based galerie itinerrance, it not only unites over 100 street artists from across the planet, but the event uses a to-be-demolished building of eleven floors on the outskirts of the french capital as a blank canvas. these artists have been working on site for the past seven months, making their mark on the building's walls, across 36 different apartments, and of which some are still furnished.  as you can imagine tour paris 13 is a massive project, but next to the venue itself there's an elaborate online component which provides additional information on the event and the artists. the building can be accessed from tuesdays to sundays [12am-8pm], and due to safety regulations only 49 people are allowed in at a time. as said, the list of participating artists is incredibly international and includes the likes of jimmy c [australia], a1one [iran], alëxone [france], flip [brazil] and el seed [tunisia]. be sure to check it out when in town! [on through oct 31]. location: 5 rue fulton [salpêtrière].

© tour paris 13