paris: the tyranny of objects

© galerie des galeries / philippe ramette - against the wind [homage to buster keaton], 2008

opening tue - oct 15 [6pm-9pm] at galerie des galeries - the exhibition space of department store galeries lafayette - is an interesting showcase that reenacts the ongoing power game between man and the machine. entitled la tyrannie des objets, it's curated by art critic alexandra fau and encourages visitors to approach and look at objects that surround them differently. these appliances may seem predictably meek and pliable, but are now hell-bent on foiling our every plan. come to think of it: objects have spent so much time in the presence of humans, they've developed the ability to mimic us.

now they are truly coming into their own, fomenting a soft rebellion against the omnipresent dictates of comfort, good taste and, last but certainly not least, functionality. on display are some fine examples, presented in a scenography by david dubois, that draw from a wide array of fields, such as philosophy, architecture and animation, be it for a combination of light-hearted fun and serious critique. the list of participating designers, artists and brands includes alexandre singh, studio makkink & bey, lucy skaer, philippe ramette and bless. location: galeries lafayette, 40 boulevard haussmann, ground floor [st.-honoré].

© galerie des galeries / studio makkink & bey - vacuum cleaner chair, 2004 [top] + alexandre singh - non senseo, 2012 [bottom]