paris: the future is bright pop-up

© each x other / ari marcopoulos - still from the each other film

it's paris fashion week and that means that next to the enormous fashion hoopla, the city goes full throttle with a slew of related parties and events. publishing house each x other adds up to the buzz with a pop-up venue that's opening today. so, what's cookin'? there'll be an interactive fashion lab and art + clothing supply store while an ongoing tableau vivant performance by blair chivers that researches and creates a collection for each x other. the canadian artist will be silkscreening directly on bodies or clothing, rendering all participants become living sculptures. the exhibition as well as the collection evolve with input from the audience over the course of fashion week and invite to repeat visits. additionally, there'll be selection of limited edition artist collections, fashion, design and original artworks on display that'll also be for sale. and if you plan a visit, the pop-up is more than happy if you bring redundant clothing to help them to go on with the show. artists who participate in the sale exhibition include ari marcopoulos, random international, robert montgomery, alessandra d'urso and thomas lélu [on through oct 13]. location: 11 rue ste.-anastase [marais].

© each x other / robert montgomery - emotional emergency + alessandra d'urso - vanité [top + bottom]