paris: the fish club opening

© the fish club / photography: kristen pelou - peruvian cuisine for paris hipsters

hot on the heels of the opening of experimental beach on sunny ibiza, the four owners have launched another hipster hangout at their homebase paris, and it's called the fish club. it's in fact the sister establishment of the beef club, a carnnivore haven they opened last year and which is situated right next door. both a cocktail bar and a restaurant, the fish club occupies a two-storey space created by dorothée meilichzon. the french designer has boldly upholstered retro-like furniture with ethnic prints, while plastering the ground floor bar with tiles that are equally eye-popping, the visual drama continues overhead where a robust metal construction of sorts is installed that adds a solemn industrial note. upstairs the setting is a tad more gentlemen's club, but downright cool nevertheless. totally on trend, the fish club's menu is peruvian-inspired, featuring a variety of tapas, lobster sandwhich, ceviche, beef skewers and other mouthwatering delicacies. and of course you down these bites with a signature cocktails, what else? location: 58 rue jean-jacques rousseau [st.-honoré].

© the fish club / photography: kristin pelou