paris: table ronde restaurant opening

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as a global creative hub paris is blessed with an abundance of exciting and often spectacular establishments where to indulge any of your senses, and as such it's also hotbed of tantalizing new ideas. recently opened in the city's marais district - it's where you'll find us maxing out our plastic on shopping whenever we're in town, people - a fine dining restaurant concept recently opened its doors. called table ronde, it's conceptualized by nicolas chatenier of culinary consultancy peacefulchef. chatenier loosely modeled his establishment after traditional supper clubs in the states, but table ronde's setting and food is decidedly contemporary. the intimate restaurant concept hosts just 16 guests at a time, all seated around a kitchen that is symbolically positioned in the middle. as a result it's the kitchen and its staff that take center stage, creating a buzzing, engaging atmosphere that seamlessly matches the modern design by renowned interior architect bruno borrione. borrione created two half-moon tables that form a circle, allowing every guest to see clearly what's cooking. raised platform seating provides the best-possible viewing angle from which to see the plates and the chef's dexterity. while dark colours accentuate the central role of the kitchen and cook, guests are partially obscured in a semi-shadow. interestingly, table ronde features a rotating number of interesting and promising chefs that'll step into the limelight, each with a distinct cooking talent and set of refined flavours all his own. location: 58 rue de saintonge [marais].

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