paris: star wars toys

© musée de arts décoratifs / photography: jean tholance - x-wing fighter, luke skywalker, princess leia, z-6po [1978]

there's a whole superfuture generation out there that grew up on star wars. some still have a laser gun, goofy mask or other paraphernalia stashed away in the attic while there's also the occasional fan who has gone truly ballistic, collecting these items as precious trophies. well, whichever category you fall into, the renowned musée des arts décoratifs in paris currently hosts a show that's a rollercoaster down memory lane for die-hard fans. called les jouets de star wars, it features a selection of no less than four hundred toys and spin-off products generated by the star wars movie cycle, all from the unique french collection amassed by interestingly, many of these articulated figures, dolls, outfits, masks, spacecraft, soft toys, illustrations and video games also show the stages of their production from prototype to the final product, revealing fabrication secrets of some of the most popular toys of all time. the exhibition setting has been designed by paris-based creative collective h5 [on through mar 17]. location: 107 rue de rivoli [étienne marcel].

© musée des arts décoratifs / photography: jean tholance - prototype r2-d2 [1977] and r2-d2 toy [1979]