paris: something, nothing, anything

since the aesthetic experience is ruled by mechanisms that act as art works [think of conceptual art, a happening, an installation, a performance etc.], art hasn't ceased to produce mythical accounts that investigate the limit between art and the banal. the something, nothing, anything group show, opening at la 3ème porte bleue on wed - apr 21 [6pm], is built around the polemic that contemporary art is a space where opinions and judgements clash regarding the works that are put on display. the show features a series of works that relate to banality, insignificance, extravagance, simplicity, uselessness, absurdity or the comic aspect, and focuses on the reactions of the public. participating artists include nikolas fouré, pauline bastard and bertrand planes. location: 24 place ste.-marthe [canal st.-martin]. © bertrand planes - broom [2008] - broom and helium baloon