paris: silkscreens

© polka galerie - thirty fabulous silkscreens by daido moriyama

currently on at polka galerie in paris is silkscreens, the third and final part of the gallery's daido moriyama cyle. after dedicating exhibitions to the japanese photographer's hokkaido northern project and photographs taken during his residence in the french capital in the late 1980s, this showcase focuses on moriyama's silkscreens. it was in 1968 that moriyama first discovered andy warhol’s famed silkscreens and he was immediately tempted to practice this traditional printing technique himself as he found it to be a natural extension of his photographic language. moriyama’s first silkscreen on paper [1969] became a cover for the asahi camera photography magazine and a few years later six of his silkscreens on canvas were displayed in an exhibition in tokyo. it wasn't until 2007 that the artist decided to return to silkscreens on canvas to produce large-scale and exclusive pieces by hand. made using deep black ink, it seems as if moriyama was looking for an even darker texture than the one he already achieved in his highly contrasted gelatin silver prints. on display at polka galerie are 30 silkscreens on canvas by the japanese artist that never have been showcased before [on through jan 12]. location: 12 rue st.-gilles [marais].

© daido moriyama - whale in paris