paris: silencio club opening

© silencio - silencio's discreet façade

the fashion pack have already raided the place en masse during fashion week, but paris' hottest new club officially opens its doors tonight. we're talking cult film director david lynch's much publicized silencio, a members-only spot he conceptualized and designed himself in a collab effort with french designer raphaël navot, architecture practice enia and light designer thierry dreyfus. mind you, lynch's design is pretty evident and includes furniture pieces and even carpeting. loosely modeled after club silencio in his thriller mulholland drive [2001], the club occupies a space that once accommodated two of the city's iconic leftist newspapers.

measuring approx. 195 sqm., the club consists of a series of spaces, including a live stage with a reflective dance floor, an intimate art library, a cocooned sitting lounge, a spacious 24-seat cinema with screenings scheduled by mk2, and more. contributing to the club's adventurous vibe, each room has a distinct design and atmosphere. until midnight silencio is accessible for club members and their guests. members also have access to concerts, film screenings and other events. location: 142 rue de montmartre [étienne marcel].

© alexandre guirkinger + antoine doyen - club interior, owner arnaud frisch and designer raphaël navot [top to bottom]