paris: second body

© anthony gormley - big pluck [2014] / photography: steven white / courtesy galerie thaddaeus ropac

anthony gormley [1950] is the man behind a diverse range of stunning sculptures that have caught the eye and imagination of audiences worldwide. most of gormley's work take the human body as its subject, and his upcoming exhibition at galerie thaddaeus ropac in paris exemplifies his formidable ability to meticulously explore and express its dimensions with a vocabulary all his own. entitled second body, the show opens sun - mar 1 [2pm-6pm] and features, as you might have guessed, an investigation of body and space. occupying the entire gallery space, a series of works are presented that catalyse the viewer's notion of space and time.

the first exhibition space presents the work hole, a four-metre-high model of a house as a body. this work objectifies and internalises the relationship between a perceiving human body and its habitat by mining and perforating the normally closed body-volumes, and presents it as a mansion with many chambers. the following gallery show the installation expansion field, consisting of 60 imposing sculptures made from corten steel and arranged in four rows. interestingly, each work evolved by applying regular increments of expansion to each of the consituent cells of a particular body stack. the final work on display is matrix II.

made especially for this showcase at galerie thaddaeus ropac, it's about virtual architecture and presents a three-dimensional that depicts 16 room-sized volumes that interconnect around a void space equivalent to two standing bodies. as the viewer circles around the work it creates a disorienting perception in which figure/ground become inverted and the accelerating effects of compressed perspective confuse the eye. not surprisingly, gormley believes that an exhibition is a physical and psychological test site, and this event very much demonstrates that perception. location: 69 avenue du général leclerc [pantin].

© galerie thaddaeus ropac / photography: charles duprat + digital rendering of matrix II [2014]