paris: sang bleu

the inaugural show of new art space 12mail is dedicated to tattoo magazine extraordinaire sang bleu, opening there on fri - oct 2 [6pm-9pm]. the showcase, a collab with swiss designer sybille stöckli, is conceived as a reading room in which the first 100 pages of 100 books and magazines are readily available for consultation to visitors, as well as a selection of publications that have been contributed to development the magazine. a series of paintings by artist fuzi uv tpk are also put on display. a funky after party is held at chez moune [midnight-5am + invite only] where dj raze, prince language and terence koh will do dj sets! art space location: 12 rue du mail [étienne marcel]. after party location: 54 rue pigalle [montmartre]. photo: page from sang bleu magazine