paris: polanography

photo: courtesy of taka ishii gallery / nobuyoshi araki – two polaroids cut in the middle and attached [2016]

running parallel to the major retrospective of nobuyoshi araki's major retrospective at the musée guimet in paris, is an equally interesting but smaller showcase at the newly opened &co119 gallery. the exhibition, playfully entitled polanography, presents a series of 132 polaroids, a medium that araki has often used for his creative output, and which is now the focal point of the show. interestingly, the polaroids on display have been cut in two, in order to make new compositions centered around the theme of eros and thanatos that's such an integral part of pretty much all of his work. these polaroids are a new way to explore the female form by combining bodies and perspectives. mind you, even the show title is a cut-up – of the words 'polaroid' and 'pornography' – to create a new definition. araki has shown a desire to modify his photographic object in a number of works, often also using titles consisting of contracted words. these polaroids should be seen in the same light as his photography series of japanese kinbaku, illustrating not only his honouring of japanese tradition and customs, but also a drive to find perspectives and expressions at the same time [on through jun 25]. location: 119 rue vieille du temple [marais].

photos: courtesy of taka ishii gallery / nobuyoshi araki – two polaroids cut in the middle and attached [2016]