paris: on/off

© galerie perrotin / diane arques / xavier veilhan - architects as volume [2012]

french artist extraordinaire xavier veilhan has been invited to create a dynamic installation at galerie des galeries, the exhibition venue of department store galeries lafayette. dedicated to a cross-disciplinary approach to today’s creative arts, veilhan's installtion explores the synergy between contemporary art and music, offering musicians an exhibition space/stage which they can use to perform and adapt their shows. two different areas have been launched: on and off. when entering off, visitors find themselves amidst a specially designed scenography made up of furniture from department store stands of luxury brands. this idea is based on his observations about changes in architectural and artistic styles over the centuries and how these are underpinned by religious, political and, lately, commercial motivations.
at on it's all about music and showtime. this section is dedicated to a series of gigs are scheduled by french record labels such as versatile, entreprise and tricatel. veilhan's work examines historical and contemporary modes of representation, and he increasingly explores the world of performance and show business and collaborates with sébastien tellier, air and experimental composer éliane radigue. very similar to this show, their joint creations provide spectators with a multi-sensory experience by combining the powerful emotions of music with the formal perfection of his exhibition spaces. click here to view the upcoming exhibition gigs and for booking free tickets [on through aug 23]. location: galeries lafayette, 40 boulevard haussmann [st.-honoré].

© diane arques / xavier veilhan - systema occam [2013] and architectones, église ste.-bernadette du banlay [2013]