paris: nunu pop-up store

if you mention 'nunu' in new york city, people instantly go dreamy-eyed. that's because brooklyn-based artisanal chocolatiers justine pringle and andy laird make the best chocolate in town. in an audacious attempt to spread their chocolate evangelism nunu goes transatlantic, launching a pop-up store in the gourmet city of paris on tue - apr 12. mind you, the nunu team will be crafting their delicious love-injected caramels and truffles on site, where they go straight onto the shelves...and then even faster into your shopping basket! the pop-up store will be operational through apr 26. location: brachfeld gallery, 78 rue des archives [marais].

The Self-Taught Chocolatiers: NuNu Chocolates from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.