paris: nose concept store opening

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nose is an interesting new concept store dedicated entirely to sensations of the olfactory kind. it's an initiative of nicolas cloutier, romano ricci and mark buxton, three professionals who've earned their spurs in the fragrance and beauty industry. the store stocks over 50 rare and niche perfumes, cosmetics and exclusive scented candles from across the planet, showcased in an artisanal retail environment that invites shoppers to engage into serious sniffing. the range of brands on the shelves include penhaligon's, maison francis kurkdjian, kevin murphy and carrière frères. a very cool and contemporary service that nose provides is a bespoke perfume through a so-called olfactory diagnosis. shoppers are simply presented with a concise scent-related questionnaire on an ipad, and with the outcome a personalized perfume will be crafted. and if you don't live in the french capital, an online store will soon be launched to cater to your every whim. location: 20 rue bachaumont [étienne marcel].

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