paris: no. 5 culture chanel

© chanel - no. 5 extrait

the massive chanel exhibition that we featured in a previous post has arrived on home turf for a showcase at palais de tokyo. curated by jean-louis froment, the no. 5 culture chanel show explores the personal history of its founder coco chanel, and sheds light on her circle of groundbreaking artist friends which included some of the 20th century's greatest artists. the exhibited works of art, photographs, archives and objects provide an account of the many inspirations which fed the imagination and world of the iconic designer. they echo her inner thoughts and shed light on this unique and timeless perfume; whether through her favorite destinations like venice, russia or her villa la pausa or through the creations of her famous artist friends. focusing on the long lasting attachments between chanel and the arts, the exhibition seeks to reveal the timeless and iconic artistic essence of the iconic chanel no. 5 perfume [on through jun 5]. location: 13 avenue du président wilson [champs-élysées].

© chanel - the showcase at palais de tokyo