paris: modern ghosts 2

© galerie du jour agnès b. - exhibition view

hell'o monsters is a collective from brussels with roots firmly planted in the city's graffiti scene. founded in the late 1990s by jérôme meynen, françois dieltiens et antoine detaille, the boys very quickly shifted their street activities to a more legit context and started working on paper and sculptures, creating characters, installations and paintings. over the years hell'o monsters have developed a distinct and complex graphic vocabulary style, but one that still has a cheeky street edge. their art is pretty much a reflection of the name they've chosen for themselves, mixing happy and macabre, fun and scary, kawaii and dark, morbid and attractive, absurd and meaningful, very much a collection of dichotomies across many perspectives yet always balanced and meticulously structured. currently on at galerie du jour agnès b. in paris is modern ghosts 2, an exhibition which is a continuation of sorts of the collective's presentation at espace lvl in nantes last year. on display is a series of new works that has been created since the previous showcase, crafted with the same quirky perspective [on through may 25]. a special fanzine, scarf and numbered t-shirts have been made for the show and are available at the gallery. location: 44 rue quincampoix [marais].

© galerie du jour agnès b. - mixed media installation and wall drawing