paris: mm6 store opening

© maison martin margiela - the first mm6 store in all of europe

following last summer's launch of the first mm6 store on the planet in new york's west village , maison martin margiela shift its focus to europe and opens a second boutique in paris. similarly compact in size, the new store measures just 80 sqm. [861 sq.ft.] but features a totally different interior design. the decorum in the french capital almost entirely consists of glazed white industrial tiles, contrasted by corridors of dark timber that guide shoppers further into the store. tiled shelving protrudes from the walls on either side, alternated by suspended glass cabinets. in the back of the store there's a seating arrangement with sleek plexiglass chairs, positioned right opposite the changing rooms that are fitted out with trompe-l'œil tile carpeting. the new store carries the full range of mm6 women's items. location: 22 place du marché st.-honoré [st.-honoré].

© maison martin margiela - that's a lot of tiles.