paris: maison martin margiela store renewal

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tucked away in an obscure alley in the étienne marcel area in paris, the two adjacent maison martin margiela boutiques are easily overlooked, even if you've been before. drawing renewed attention to this hidden location is the men's shop with its revamped interior. now less raw and artsy but more polished and fresh, the margiela touch is still very much visible, and so is the shade of pristine white. tiles of compressed wood fibre are the prevailing element, applied up on the ceiling and recurring below on the walls and the displays. somewhat softening the edginess, the tiles have been accentuated by shiny copper diamond-shaped ornaments. a matching white parquet floor complements the decorum. interestingly, the back section has a more architectural feel with smooth surfaces centered around a chunky metal table. the renewed shop carries maison martin margiela's full range of men's apparel, shoes, bags and accessories. location: 23 rue de montpensier [étienne marcel].

© maison martin margiela - polished and fresh