paris: liquides store opening

© différentes lattitudes - a black façade that signals a promise of minimalist chic

after establishing différentes latitudes, a distribution label for independent perfume brands, owner david froissart has opened up shop to cater directly to those in search of an olfactory sensation. called liquides, the boutique is tucked away in a quiet street of the upper marais area. a glazed black façade - featuring the boutqie's name in gold lettering - signals a promise of minimalist chic from afar, and this is fully redeemed when stepping inside. designer philippe di méo has stripped the compact retail space of superfluous features, creating a new décor of exposed wooden beams, white walls and a polished concrete floor.

a box-shaped perfume bar, constructed from shiny brass, mirrors and black lacquered wood forms the center piece and adds a glamourous touch. the myriad of bottled merchandise is reflected in a hall of mirrors and this play of light and reflections sets free the liquids’ glow and creates an additional kaleidoscope of gold and silver. the liquides boutique carries an exclusive range of men's and women's artisanal perfumes, including parfum d'empire, byredo, olfactive studio, fornasetti and arquiste. fancy a new fragrance? location: 9 rue de normandie [marais].

© différentes lattitudes - inside the store