paris: la pâtisserie du meurice opening

© ciguë / photography: pierre monetta

in france, food and drink has long been an almost sacred domain, and a strong national pride adheres to many of its traditional products, preparations and even recipes. it's within this elevated context that, often also protected by french law, refinement in gastronomy remains on a high level. but frankly, the circumstances also create a demand, specifically in a city as utterly sophisticated as paris. established in 1835 as the french capital's first palace hotelle meurice has since been one of the most prestigious addresses in town where to lay down one's head. and t's right here, under the arcades running along rue de castiglione to be precise, that pastry chef cédric grolet has opened his very first pâtisserie. simply called la pâtisserie du meurice, the lauded craftsman aims to share his exquisite concoctions with a wider clientele than just guests of the illustrious hotel. 

the space is designed by french architecture practice ciguë, and features an interior design that follows customs and traditions, albeit in a contemporary way, bringing the back of the house to the storefront. upon entering the premises, the eyecatcher is immediately within sight: an elongated counter made from enamelled lava stone that unfolds in full the intricate creation process of the pastry making. the back wall, fully clad in brushed brass, is made up of a grid of shelving with a collection of ingredients in large jars, built-in ovens and a sliding door to a back space. the understatement extends to all details, but allows for modest yet beautiful variations. a series of hand-blown, pedestalled glass domes single-handedly display the finished trophies behind the window, while a row of sleek protruding light fixtures balance out the erratic pattern of the stone flooring. location: le meurice, 6 rue de castiglione [st.-honoré].

© ciguë / photography: maris mezulis