paris: la maison champs-élysées reopening

© maison martin margiela we already mentioned the striking refurbishment of 17 of la maison champs-élysées' rooms by maison martin margiela in a previous post, but here's a closer look at the property. as said, it not only redefines the concept of a luxury hotel, but this metamorphosis has also made it paris' most fabulous address du jour. the hotel consists of two buildings, one dating from the second empire era under napoleon III, and the other built more recently. next to hotel rooms, maison martin margiela redesigned and created a restaurant, a smoking room, a bar and a reception area, all situated in the hotel's historical building. the meticulously crafted design concept blends historical and contemporary design, clever lighting into a decorum that's subtle, even whimsical at times, and it's the experiential vibe that really set's this hotel apart. this is especially reinforced by the division of 'day' and 'night' areas, creating adventurous ambiances that are either ethereally white or cloaked in mysterious darkness. shown here are additional images of la maison champs-élysées areas designed by maison martin margiela. the property will reopen at the end of this month. location: 8 rue goujon [champs-élysées].  

© maison martin margiela